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A town between the Velebit mountain chain and the sea, located on the important Adriatic Highway connecting Rijeka with Dubrovnik, and leading towards the interior, towards Gospić, the Plitvice Lakes and Zagreb. Karlobag is a marvelous connection of the Mediterranean and the continent, with a crystal clear sea and the most beautiful Croatian mountain chain reachable by car in only a few minutes.
The tumultuous past of Karlobag is shown by the remains of the medieval fortress emerging above the town – Fortice and some churches. There is a library and art treasure in the Capuchin monastery with the church of St. Joseph containing the particularly valuable Cristoforo Tasca painting of the Last Supper.
Ako ste mislili svoj ljetni odmor provesti uživajući u apsolutnom miru, ne radeći ništa, nemojte ni pomišljati na Karlobag jer Karlobažani su za svoje goste osmislili aktivno ljeto krcato događanjima i mogućnostima.Karlobažani su za Vas pripremili veselo i nezaboravno ljeto...
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