14. Zavratnica Cove

If you are planning an outing from which you expect to discover new and interesting destinations you must visit Zavratnica - „a significant landscape “ and one of the most beautiful coves on the Croatian coast.

From its first appearance Zavratnica was a flooded valley with 100 meter high canyon cliffs. The length of the bay is about 900 m, and the width varies between 50 and 150 m. It first appeared in layers from the Cretaceous Age where numerous sandbanks were formed due to the fragmentation and the planting of trees and underbrushes. 129 types of plants have been counted in Zavratnica of which 100 are autochthonous and 29 are alohtone.

The upper trail with a viewpoint and sea promenade were built at the beginning of the 20th cent. At that time Zavratnica became the sheltered summer resort of the Viennese and Prague elite. How to reach it: You can reach Zvratnica from Jablanac, the ferry port for the island of Rab, a half-hour walk along the sea trail.

If you have a mountaineering and adventurous spirit you can descend into the cove using the mountain trail from Zavratnica village.

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